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Samwise is a store and forward messaging service for AMQP Messaging with RabbitMQ. It accepts messages via [ZMTP]( and implements both round robined and redundant publishing as distribution strategies. It was written as the basis for my thesis to acquire the bachelors degree for computer science. Please refer to the dedicated readme's for more information.
![Samwise System Integration](img/sam_integration.png)
## Overview ##
This repository contains several different subprojects:
- **/client:** Contains client(s) that can communicate with running samwise instances
- **/poc** Proof of concept playground. Used to try out different things before incorporating them into samwise
- **/samwise** The main project containing everything necessary to build samwise
- **/rfc** Place to write down the most important specifications
- **/client:** Contains clients that can communicate with running samwise instances. There is a C library containing all client logic. The current ruby implementation accesses this functionality by using the ffi language bindings.
- **/poc** Proof of concept playground. Used to play around with the RabbitMQ-C library.
- **/samwise** The main project - the service.
- **/rfc** Contains the specification that describes the protocol of how samwise clients and the service communicate with each other.
## Notes ##
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