Commit d74e70a4 authored by Felix Hamann's avatar Felix Hamann

split `make test` to several targets

parent ae481d43
......@@ -95,14 +95,29 @@ sam_selftest_CFLAGS = -D__SAM_TEST $(AM_CFLAGS)
# custom targets
.PHONY: test
.PHONY: test test_setup
nodename = "sam-test@$$HOSTNAME"
test: sam_selftest
rm -rf db/test # remove if existent for some reason
rm -rf db/test
mkdir -p db/test
test: sam_selftest test_setup
test_unit: sam_selftest test_setup
./sam_selftest --only sam_log
./sam_selftest --only sam_gen
./sam_selftest --only sam_msg
./sam_selftest --only sam_cfg
./sam_selftest --only sam_db
./sam_selftest --only sam_buf
nodename = "sam-test@$$HOSTNAME"
test_integrated: sam_selftest test_setup
sudo env RABBITMQ_NODE_PORT=15672 RABBITMQ_NODENAME=${nodename} rabbitmq-server -detached
n=3; \
......@@ -116,5 +131,4 @@ test: sam_selftest
rm -rf db/test
sudo rabbitmqctl -n ${nodename} stop
......@@ -16,6 +16,32 @@ make
This compiles `samd`, `sam_selftest` and ``. The library `libsam` gets linked statically to the binaries. The dependencies are linked dynamically and you are responsible for their proper installation.
## Running Tests ##
There are custom make targets to run the tests. To run all tests (unit and integration) while automagically start other things like brokers run `make test_integrated` (`sudo` is going to be invoked). When running `make test`, make sure to have a RabbitMQ broker started on port `15672`. To just run all unit tests invoke `make test_unit`. Sometimes, when running all test suites, ZeroMQ related assertions fail. I suspect a problem with opening and closing a lot of ZeroMQ sockets.
While developing some feature, it is often more useful to just run the specific modules' tests (or even just a testcase of the modules' test suite). To do so `sam_selftest` must be invoked directly.
~/C/s/s/samwise [master]
▸ ./sam_selftest -h
sam selftest
usage: sam_selftest [-h] [--only SAM_MODULE [TESTCASE]]
-h: Print this message and exit
selective running of tests, where SAM_MODULE is one of
{ sam_gen, sam_log, sam_msg, sam_cfg, sam_be_rmq, sam }
and TESTCASE one of the test cases defined in SAM_MODULE
You can selectively run tests by setting the CK_RUN_SUITE and
CK_RUN_CASE environment variables instead of providing --only
### Send All Messages Daemon (samd) ###
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